Making Valentine’s Day special can be a challenge, especially if you’ve been with your partner a while.  Here are a few date ideas to keep things fun, fresh and sexy.


Speakeasy – They are fun, secret and a little naughty.  Go together or meet up separately for a forbidden rendezvous. Most cities have at least a couple speakeasies.


Burlesque Show – This can be a fun experience to have together.  Burlesque shows are like strip shows only classier and funnier.  Vintage costumes and music can bring a much-needed break from the mundane.


Cook Together – Not the same old recipes you are used to.  Take a cooking class together or better yet, order a food subscription box with all ingredients included.  You will spend less time at the grocery store and more time creating the meal together.  Teamwork can be very sexy.


Ballroom Dance Class – Learning something new together while being challenged and pushed together closely has all the makings of a great date.  Try learning a romantic dance like Tango or Rumba.


Karaoke – No matter your singing skills, gushing your heart out to your other half is always romantic.  Make an agreement to only sing songs that remind you of special moments together.  Don’t tell the other person.  Let it be a surprise when you get on stage.


**Pay attention to your underwear selection! Something unexpected and new will add a sexy touch to any date idea.

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