There is a battle going on and we as men are the key target. Your manhood is under siege.
There is a warming happening on the planet and also in your trousers. It’s no secret that the health of our planet is under siege. Did you know the health of your testicles are also under siege? Without the right type of fabric to keep them cool, everyone loses. Every man knows that during the summertime this issue is one of the worst. And if you’ve ever been around a guy who was dealing with the stinky ball syndrome then you know what we are talking about. This isn’t just a summer time problem we have to be mindful of. We aim to help solve both problems. The answer? Bamboo.
As one of the least known fabrics for underwear, bamboo aims to help save our planet while keeping your junk climate controlled. Here’s how:
-Bamboo requires little water to grow, conserving resources.
-Bamboo requires limited soil to grow and grows fast making it much more renewable and kinder on the soil.
-It requires no pesticides to grow making it less polluting.
-Bamboo keeps you three degrees cooler than cotton keeping your testicles cooler too!
-It absorbs moisture and odor keeping you fresh and focused.
-Its hypo-allergenic and velvety soft, making your skin happy.
So whether you are concerned about the environment on the planet or the environment in your pants, kill two birds with one stone (of course we are speaking metaphorically- don’t kill birds) and try a pair of bamboo underwear. You will thank us and so will the planet.
For more information on how to defunk your junk and other product recommendation check out this cool article from Mashable.
*All YOCISCO shirts and underwear are made from 95% bamboo.

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