Most of us don’t know any better when it comes to the fabrics that our underwear is made of. We touch it and feel it in the store, decide if we like the color and cut, we take it home and put it on. What we don’t realize is how important the right fabrics is when it comes to what you put on your family jewels. Why? Because most brands don’t offer an alternative. The right fabrics can mean the difference between a good work day and a fantastic work day, a great workout and a phenomenal workout, stinky balls and fresh balls.


Let’s take Polyester for example. It may seem soft to the touch with cool print designs but polyester is basically plastic and plastic should never be anywhere near your manhood (enough said). Cotton is perhaps one of the most common fabrics used to make underwear and is a natural fabric.  It can be breathable, sometimes soft and many times durable. Organic Cotton, Pima Cotton, combed cotton, there are multiple variations. It is used in most underwear lines. Heck, you are probably wearing cotton underwear right now. But there is something much more superior to drape the boys in that you might not know even exists and that is Bamboo. Here are the reasons you need to try a pair of bamboo underwear and let your crotch decide which is the best.


–    Bamboo keeps your body three degrees cooler than cotton and trust you will need that extra three degrees during an intense workout at the gym or a grueling meeting with Linda from Accounting.


–    Bamboo is extremely durable. Let’s face it, we don’t want to be spending our paychecks weekly or monthly on underwear. We’ve got bills to pay! You can be sure that bamboo underwear will last wash after wash and still maintain its properties.


–    Bamboo is uber soft and luxurious. Yeah, the last thing you might think of when you think of bamboo is soft and luxurious but when made into apparel, it makes for a fabric that is soft as silk with just a hint of sheen.


–    Lastly bamboo is kind on the environment. It grows faster than cotton, requires less land and rainwater to grow and best of all, wait for it, doesn’t require pesticides. As a man who wants to protect your family jewels, protecting the planet is just as important and you can be sure that bamboo does just that.


Whether you’re a guy who wears boxer briefs, briefs, or jock straps, YOCISCO has the perfect pair for you. We’ve even added some stylish colors and innovative prints to choose from so that you never have to deal with ordinary underwear again. Oh, and you’ll look and feel damn good too. Don’t believe us? Try a pair and if you don’t love them, we will give you your money back.

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