Growing up, if you played sports, you probably had to wear a jockstrap.  It was usually white and ugly and it held a giant plastic cup that would keep your junk protected.  Jockstrap (s) are no longer just for athletic support and protection.

Today’s jockstrap (s) are transforming the traditional “athletic supporter” from function to fashion.  There are a plethora of options out there from mostly every underwear brand.  Bright colors, prints, innovating styles and cuts have transformed the jockstrap market.  Although aesthetically pleasing, not all fashion jockstraps are functional.  Regardless of how fun and sexy the jockstrap may be, it still must offer a snug fit and adequate support.  So, whether you’re looking for your first jock or you’re a jockstrap expert, we’ve compiled the five most crucial things to consider when shopping for this sexy piece of underwear.


  1. Fabric- Traditional jocks are made of an unattractive ribbed nylon or cotton and are usually available in white.  They definitely are not something you would want your lover to see you in.  Innovative fabrics are now being used in fashion jocks. Look for a jockstrap that has soft, breathable fabric, much like you would for your regular underwear.  Fashion jocks are not worn for sports but usually for everyday use under dress pants or jeans.  We suggest bamboo or modal fabrics since they are the softest and most moisture wicking options.  This will ensure a cool, dry crotch throughout the day.


  1. Pouch- Fashion jockstraps don’t need to hold a cup like a traditional jock does.  They are not meant to offer protection. Since a jockstrap is literally a cup with three straps, you want to make sure the pouch holds your junk securely.  You definitely don’t want your nuts popping out the side.  Look for a pouch that fits snug against your body but offers enough stretch for your junk to breath.


  1. Straps- The two straps that extend from the back of the waistband under your butt cheeks should be supportive and snug.  A baggy strap defeats the purpose.  The strap should support and even lift your butt cheeks, almost like a push-up bra would.  This ultimately can make your butt look more shapely and firm under your slacks or jeans.


  1. Waistband- Old school athletic supporters would usually come with a ridiculously thick waistband that seemed to reach almost to the belly button.  While it may have offered added support, it was certainly unattractive.  Today, there are so many waistband choices! Whether you prefer a large, logo-branded waistband or something more subtle, look for soft, compression elastic that will hold firm without cutting into your skin.


  1. Cut-  Traditional jocks leave your backside completely exposed. For some, it’s no big deal.  Others might prefer to leave a little more to the imagination. Through innovative design, jockstraps have taken on a new category of their own, even creating subcategories like the “jock brief,” “bar back” jock, “v-back” jockstrap and even a jock thong.   Whatever you prefer, there are enough options out there to fit everyone’s style and taste and maybe even make you try something new.

Knowing what goes into a jockstrap, will certainly give you the tools for selecting the perfect jockstrap. Not to mention, this breakdown will give you a solid foundation for purchasing all your underwear in the future. If you’re ready to purchase your first or next jockstrap click here.

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