Everyone and their New Year’s resolution are at the gym right now. It can be frustrating and often intimidating to go to an overcrowded gym. A few considerations can keep you focused on your fit, instead of throwing one.


  1. Be Aware of your surroundings: More people means more potential for conflict.  Be courteous of others and don’t hog the machines.  Get in, get it done and get out. That means putting down your phone and focusing on the workout.


  1. Consider off peak times: Early bird gets the worm.  Try getting up early and getting your workout done in the morning instead of evenings when the gym will be overrun with tons of people.  You will be surprised how amazing you feel starting your day at work after a vigorous work out.


  1. Don’t stink: Lots of people means closer quarters.  This means some people may be more likely to catch a whiff of your scent- good or bad.  Throw on some deodorant before you head in.  Keep it  in your car if need be.  Wear clean gym clothes or at least ones that absorb odor and moisture and are less likely to stink.


  1. Have a plan: Map out ahead of time what you plan to work out to avoid wandering aimlessly or waiting for an hour to get on your favorite machine. There are tons of exercises out there.  Do a little research on options as well as what your gym has to offer.  You will be more likely to get an effective workout in if you arrive with a plan.

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