Fuel a movement of confidence for all men to feel good about their bodies by providing high quality underwear that make a man look and feel his best.


Welcome to YOCISCO where performance and style collide. We offer functional, fashionable underwear and base layers that accommodate the everyday active lifestyle as well as today’s sports enthusiast, and everything in between.

Hi, I’m Gabriel Medina although many people call me Cisco. I’m the CEO and founder of YOCISCO. Like many Americans I was hit hard during the 2008 financial crisis. I lost my home and my real estate career and had to start over.  Luckily, I was able to fall back on my hobby of underwear modeling.  As a single father who has always wanted the best for my little girl I knew she was counting on me and what I did next would help shape her entire outlook on life. So, I decided not to play it safe and follow a passion that had been burning inside me for years, fashion.

I enrolled in classes at the Art Institute of Colorado and began to learn all I could about apparel and design. While in school, I studied fabrics and technical design as well as fit and function.  I also launched a blog for men and began to research what men’s needs were when it came to their underwear.  It led me to ask the intelligent question- why does functional underwear have to be ugly and why does stylish underwear have to be uncomfortable? In 2013 I launched the YOCISCO line with the goal of solving this problem.

Since then, the brand has evolved into something special for so many men. YOCISCO is now providing men with underwear that are functional to fit all lifestyles.  We empower men to be confident in their bodies by offering stylish underwear with unparalleled comfort. Please join us as we continue to outfit men across the globe in the world’s best underwear.